Carols by Candlelight

Josh Brunning ยท 19:00 Sunday, 5 December 2021

๐Ÿ”€ from St Werburgh's Derby


Director: Caleb Connors

Vision Mixer: Josh Brunning

Sound Mixer: Izaak Ferguson

Graphics Operator: Jack Holcombe

Camera Operators: Violet Burgess and Josh Brunning

Stage Manager: Shelby Altera

Hosted by Jeff Golding and Jim Wigglesworth

Worship Leader: Sam Jackson-Reed

Vocals: Anna Alexander, Jess Moore, Gabriela Popa and Georgina Redgate

Violin: Charlotte Watts

Keys: Elizabeth Bateman and Ben Stephens

Guitar: Alice Mills

Bass Guitar: Simon Lewis

Roles:  Vision Mixer   Remote Camera Operator

Categories:  video   work

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