Pocket parkrun #22: Run Report

Josh Brunning · 09:00 Saturday, 10 November 2018

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Welcome to the run report for the 22nd parkrun in Pocket park. 165 runners, joggers and walkers joined us on a nice sunny morning. The route was a bit slippy this week thanks to rain we had on Friday night but that didn’t stop 40 people achieving a new PB! Of those 7 people have achieved back-to-back PBs both last week and this week. Mick Odell however, is the only one of those seven to gain a PB for three weeks in a row! Of the 165 parkrunners this weekend, 34 of them took park in their first Pocket parkrun and 15 joined us for their first ever parkrun.

This week’s first finisher was James Shiner who finished in a time of 18:12 and our female first finisher was Amelia Fleming with 22:01. Tim Butterworth once again was the person with the highest age grade with 79.41% and a time of 19:21

First Finisher by Age Group

  Male Female
Juniors Jordan Page in 21:37 with 63.38% Amelia Fleming in 22:01 with 72.52%
Seniors James Shiner in 18:12 with 71.25% Charlotte Leger in 23:39 with 62.65%
Veterans Colin Goulding in 19:15 with 71.43% Carly Jermy in 23:44 with 64.04%

Round Results

New Club Members

As has become tradition here in the run report, we must take the time to thank all our volunteers this week: Alison Foster, Antony Moore, Bailey Foster, Caroline Henderson, Charlotte Simpson, Christopher Ferguson, Emily Henderson-Scott, Gareth Thomas, Helen Saxton, Hollie Henderson-Scott, Jack Kirkham, Jemma Makepeace, Jennie Moore,Joanne Kirkham, Julia Page, Kathy Unwin, Kirsty Rapley, Laura Steed, Mark Crane, Matthew Cottrell, Natalie Bartlett, Sarah Tully, Stephen Ferguson, Steve Moore, Steven Barnett, and this week’s run director, Kenny Leckie.

Kenny asked me to recommend trail shoes as the paths become more muddy as we go into the winter months

The Weekly Links Roundup

As you can see, all the links are actually working this week and I’ve managed to go back and update the links in the reports for #19, #20 and #21. So if you’d like to, you can go back and check out some of the people mentioned in previous articles.

I’d really like to include some of your comments and reviews of the new course in next weekend’s report so I’ve created a feedback form to send in your thoughts - you can fill that out here.

Thanks to everyone who came out to support Pocket parkrun this weekend, whether you ran, walked, jogged, cheered or volunteered. If you’d like to volunteer next week (or any week) you can go to www.parkrun.org.uk/pocket/volunteer/ to find out more or email pockethelpers@parkrun.com to see what you can do.

Until next week,

DFYBC - (10 of you did this weekend)


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