Pocket parkrun #27: Run Report

Josh Brunning · 09:00 Saturday, 15 December 2018

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A cold and windy Pocket park met us on Saturday. 115 people ran walked or jogged and 28 people volunteered. As Stephen (this weeks run director) guessed, this weekend saw the lowest attendance at Pocket parkrun since it started in June - in fact, the three lowest attendances have occoured this month! The cold and rain haven’t put everyone off though: this week 25 parkrunners joined us for the first time and 28 ran a new PB.

First Finishers

  • This week’s male first finisher was Rodrigo Santos who finished in a new PB of 17:32. He also acheived the highest age grade of 73.76%
  • Female first finisher was first timer Stacey Daniele Mockford in a time of 23:11

Round Results

There were no new club members this week so it’s straight on to thanking this week’s volunteers: Becki Barnett, Caroline Holmes, Charlie Watkins, Charlotte Simpson, Christopher Ferguson, Christopher Skepper, Emily Bunting-Cleary, Helen Saxton, Izzy Bunting, Jemma Makepeace, Joanne Carrington, Joanne Kirkham, Josh Brunning, Judy Moore, Kenny Leckie, Kerry Surkitt, Laura Steed, Lee O’Hara, Natalie Bartlett, Sarah Tully, Simon Winter, Stephen Riches, Steve Deacon, Steve Moore, Steven Barnett, Tim Rose, William Kirkham and this week’s run director, Stephen Ferguson.

The Weekly Links Roundup

If you’d like to volunteer next week, or any other week, you can email pockethelpers@parkrun.com or get in touch on facebook. It would be great to really fill up the volunteer roster before parkrunDay each weekend and there’s nothing stopping you volunteering for multiple weeks at a time. If you havn’t yet volunteered at Pocket parkrun, it’s really easy and everything you need to know about a role is on the parkrun support site.

Until next weekend,

DFYBC - (6 of you did this weekend)


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