Pocket parkrun #30: New Year’s Day Run Report

Josh Brunning · 10:30 Tuesday, 1 January 2019

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Congratulations everyone! 519 runners, walkers & joggers joined us on New Year’s morning for the 30th parkrun in Pocket park. Before I recognise some of the running acheivements, I’d like to thank all of the volunteers who gave up thier time to make this event such a success.

Adam Tapley, Alan Turnbull, Alice Edwards, Alison Ainsworth, Barry Robinson, Becki Barnett, Caroline Holmes, Charles Butcher, Charlotte Simpson, Clare Barker, Gary Cole, Helen D Johnson, Hope Hutchison, Ian Payne, James Holmes, Janay Fehr, Jasmine Cooper, Jenine Cooper, Joanne Carrington, Judy Moore, Kathy Unwin, Katie Tween, Kerry Surkitt, Lucy Roberts, Mark Crane, Mary Mitchell, Melanie Gearing, Natalie Bartlett, Nick Gellatly, Nikki Wright, Ricky Mitchell, Sandra Braund, Sarah Tully, Simon Winter, Sophie Hm Wright, Stephen Ferguson, Steve Moore, Steven Barnett, Tracy Hutchinson and this week’s special guest Run Director, Paul Beastall


A massive thank you to all 40 of you. Our volunteer team was made up from the combined forces of Cambridge, Coldham’s Common, Huntingdon, Jubilee junior and of course, our own amazing Pocketeers.

Of the 519 finishers, nearly 100 ran a #parkrundouble. If you didn’t know, New Year’s Day is the only day in the year that parkrunners can have two results registered in the results system. Most of the doublers who did half of thier 2019 parkruns so far in Pocket park did thier other half in Huntingdon - 78 in fact. The others came from Great Denham and Letchworth! A number of Hunts AC runners also ran the 20km between Huntingdon & Pocket parkruns as well as the 5k at either end!

New Club Members

Normally there would now be a summary of people who finished exactly on the minute marks but, we had over 500 people so that would be a rather long list. Instead, here’s a photo:

First Lap

If in future, you’d like your photos featured: please upload them to flickr and add them to the Pocket parkrun group. As well as maybe being shown here, they’ll also be on the photos page of the website.

The first finisher on New Year’s Day was David Hudson, our current course record holder, with a time of 16:32. Our female first finisher was Scarlet Dalrymple who achieved a new PB of 19:44. 263 people ran at Pocket parkrun for the first time on Tuesday which is more than our previous record for total attendace. Out of the people who had run in Pocket before, 57 acheived new PBs.

The Weekly Links Roundup

Once again, thanks to everyone who came out to Pocket parkrun this weekend, whether you ran, walked, jogged, cheered or volunteered. If you’d like to volunteer next week (or any week) you can go to www.parkrun.org.uk/pocket/volunteer/ to find out more or email pockethelpers@parkrun.com to see what you can do.

Untill Saturday,

DFYBC (Only 20 of you did this week!)


p.s. if you spot any mistakes (especially names) please let me know on Facebook or DM me on Twitter

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