New Year’s Day Extra Statistics!

Josh Brunning · 11:00 Thursday, 3 January 2019

🔀 from Pocket parkrun

This is just a post that I’ll keep updated with any interesting statistics I find. If this is your sort of thing, there is a parkrun stats geeks group that you might find interesting and it’s one of the places I’ve found my info.

Of the 519 people parkrunning in Pocket:

  • 48.9% did a double (254)
  • 50.7% were first timers in Pocket park (263)
  • 11.0% ran a new PB (57)
  • 4.2% ran thiervery first parkrun! (22) -  8.3% of all first timers this week
  • just 3.8% forgot thier barcode (20)

of those 254 parkrun doublers:

  • 90.9% also ran in Huntigdon (231)
  • 6.3% also ran in Great Denham (16)
  • 2.8% also ran in Letchworth (7)

231 makes Huntingdon -> Pocket the 26th most popular double worldwide an the 20th most popular in the UK

Around the world:

  • There were 153 ‘solo doublers’ that were the only people to complete those two parkruns.
  • The most popular double was Linford Wood -> Milton Keynes (490)
  • There were 38,176 people who ran doubles
  • People ran 626,875km on New Years Day at parkruns (not includng the extra distance by those who also ran between events)
  • That’s the same as travelling around the world 15.6 times!
  • or running to the moon and halfway back!
  • 60.9% of kilometers run were run by those doing a double


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