Pocket parkrun #33: Run Report

Josh Brunning · 09:00 Saturday, 19 January 2019

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Pocket park saw 217 people run, walk and jog this week’s parkrun. As is the case at this time of year, the ground was a bit slippy under foot so the Core Team does recommend you get yourself some trail shoes to help you grip the mud. Also, as it’s “the end of the season” (even though it’s still January) there could be some great deals if you go looking.

Of of the 217, 38 people joined us for the first time and 56 people achieved new PBs. 20 out of the 38 newbies ran thier first parkrun this weekend, a special congratulations to them.

Chris Butterworth was this weeks first finisher in a time of 18:12 and first timer Bethan Everson was the female first finisher in a time of 19:19. The person with the highest age grade was Ann Storey with 80.01% and a New PB of 28:46.

Round Results

New Club Members

As always, a massive thank you to all our fantastic volunteers: Alison WrightAmanda Brown,Barry Robinson, Becki Barnett, Charlie Watkins, Christopher Skepper, Claire Reece, Donna Thompson, Ella Ward, Ian Newland, Jennie Moore, Jill Rose, Joanne Carrington, Joanne Kirkham, Katherine Hesketh, Kenny Leckie, Lara Smith, Laura Steed, Louis Phillips, Mike Heywood, Norma Leckie, Oliver Hesketh, Riina Riihonen, Samuel Kirkham, Sarah Tully, Simon Winter, Steve Moore, Steven Barnett, William Kirkham and this week’s run director, Antony Moore. We really are very lucky to have such a committed group of volunteers and to have new people volunteering every week.

The Weekly Links Roundup

Thanks to everyone who ran, jogged walked, supported or volunteered at Pocket parkrun this weekend. If you’d like to join the illustrius list of volunteers next Saturday (or any week) you can go to www.parkrun.org.uk/pocket/volunteer/ to find out more. You can also go to the future roster to see what positions are available or email pockethelpers@parkrun.com to see what you can do.

Untill next weekend,

DFYBC (12 of you did this week)


p.s. if you spot any mistakes (especially names) please let me know on Facebook or DM me on Twitter

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