Pocket parkrun #41: Run Report

Josh Brunning · 09:00 Saturday, 16 March 2019

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This weekend’s parkrun was certainly a windy one. 162 runners, joggers and walkers avoided getting blown over and 24 people joined us for the first time including John Robert Richardson250_club_mini25_club_mini of Swaffham parkrun in Norfolk. He had a 7am departure this morning to join us this weekend as he completed his third county of parkruns. As of today he’s run all the parkruns in Norflok, Suffolk & now Cambridgeshire. Congratulations!

The first finsiher this weekend was Muzoora Edmund Bishanga in a time of 18:33 and the female first finsiher Faith TAYLOR10_club_mini in 23:15 who also had the highest age grade of 73.41%.

Thanks to all of this weeks fantastic volunteers: Alison Wright, Amanda Brown50_club_mini, Becki Barnett25_club_mini, Christopher Ferguson, Christopher Skepper10_club_mini, Clair Slade, Claire Reece, Grace Richards, Haydn Evans, Helen Saxton, Ian Payne, Joanne Carrington100_club_mini25_club_mini, Joanne Kirkham, Katie Rush, Kenny Leckie25_club_mini, Lara Smith, Louis Phillips10_club_mini, Mark Crane25_club_mini, Norma Leckie, Sam Griffin, Samuel Kirkham, Sarah Tully, Stephen Ferguson100_club_mini25_club_mini, Steve Moore50_club_mini25_club_mini, Steven Barnett25_club_mini, William Kirkham10_club_mini and this week’s run director, Charlotte Simpson25_club_mini

Next weekend will be the first of two takeover pacer weeks in the coming months. Nice-Tri will be pacing next Saturday (23rd March) and Riverside Runners will be pacing on 13th April. From Saturday 6th April we will also be back running on the summer course - hopefully the weather becomes more summer-esque between now and then!

The Weekly Links Roundup

Thank you to everyone who ran, jogged walked, cheered or volunteered this week. If you’d like to join list of volunteers for next Saturday (or any Saturday) you can visit www.parkrun.org.uk/pocket/volunteer/ to find out more. You could also go to the future roster to see what positions are available or get in touch by emailing pockethelpers@parkrun.com to see what you can do.

Untill next week,

#DFYBC (Only 3 of you did this week!)


p.s. if you spot any mistakes (however small but especially names) please let me know on Facebook or DM me on Twitter

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