Pocket parkrun #51: Run Report

Josh Brunning · 09:00 Saturday, 25 May 2019

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223 people joined us at Pocket park on a glorious Saturday morning for our 51st parkrun. Among us today were 38 first timers and 45 people who acheived new PBs. Our first finisher was Jared Taylor in a new PB of 18:38 and our female first finisher was 10_club_miniGemma Bridges in a time of 21:53. This week’s highest age-grade was acheived by 100_club_miniFran Kenden with 77.19% and a time of 26:40.

New Club Members

This week’s volunteers were:50_club_miniBen Goddard, 25_club_miniCaroline Holmes, Charlie Watkins, 25_club_miniChristopher Skepper, Claire Price, Claire Reece, 100_club_miniDiane Hufford, Elizabeth Studd, Eric Reece, Grace Richards, Helen Saxton, Jackie Fitzpatrick, James Holmes, 10_club_miniJasmine Cooper, Jenine Cooper, Joanne Kirkham, 10_club_mini25_club_miniJosh Brunning, June Hainsby, Katie Rush, 25_club_miniKenny Leckie, 50_club_miniKerry Surkitt, 25_club_miniMark Crane, 50_club_miniMatthew Cottrell, 10_club_miniMax Carrington, Mica Rosen, 25_club_miniNatalie Bartlett, Nikki Wright, Norma Leckie, Rodrigo Santos, Ruth Tellis, 25_club_miniSarah Tully, Simone Taylor, 10_club_miniSophie Hm Wright, Stephen Rook, 50_club_mini25_club_miniSteve Moore, Tony Hainsby, 100_club_miniTrevor Hufford and our run director was 100_club_mini25_club_miniJoanne Carrington

The Weekly Links Roundup

Thank you to everyone who ran, jogged walked, cheered or volunteered this week. If you’d like to join list of volunteers for next Saturday (or any Saturday) you can visit www.parkrun.org.uk/pocket/volunteer/ to find out more. You could also go to the future roster to see what positions are available or get in touch by emailing pockethelpers@parkrun.com to see what you can do.

Untill next week,

#DFYBC (7 of you did this week)


p.s. if you spot any mistakes (however small but especially names) please let me know on Facebook or DM me on Twitter

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