Pocket parkrun #76: Run Report

Josh Brunning · 09:00 Saturday, 23 November 2019

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This weekend 208 people ran, jogged, walked and slipped around the course, of whom 33 were first timers and 28 recorded new Personal Bests. Well done to all the staff, students and parents from Ernulf and Longsands Academies who joined us this morning.

This weekend’s first finisher was 100Ty Farrer in a time of 17:41, he also achieved the highest age grade with 80.77%. The first female finisher this week was 50Amelia Fleming in a time of 21:09. New Club Members

Thanks to all of this week’s volunteers: Claire AUSTIN, 50Chris AUSTIN, 50 v25Josh BRUNNING, 100 v25Joanne CARRINGTON, 10Max CARRINGTON, 50Kyle CHESTERMAN, v25Elizabeth COWELL, v25Jackie FITZPATRICK, Nick GELLATLY, Tony HAINSBY, 50Natasha HOOKHAM, Chris KIDSON, Joanne KIRKHAM, v25William KIRKHAM, v25Kenny LECKIE, Andy MEDLOCK, 100 v25Steve MOORE, v25Ian PAYNE, Simon RANDALL, Barry ROBINSON, Stuart ROBINSON, James RYAN, v25Charlotte SIMPSON, v25Christopher SKEPPER, Clair SLADE, Fionn SLADE, Eoin SLADE, Richard SLADE, Kevin STEEL, Matthew STUDD, Elizabeth STUDD, 50Alex TAYLOR, Joe TRICKLEBANK-OWENS, Wendy TSANG, v25Sarah TULLY, Alan TURNBULL The Weekly Links Roundup

If you would like to volunteer in a coming week, you can let us know on Facebook or by emailing pockethelpers@parkrun.com. You can check the future roster to see what roles are still needed.

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