New Project!

Josh Brunning · 21:30 Monday, 1 March 2021

You may be aware that I’m currently in Derby studying for a degree in Sound, Light and Live Event Technology with the hope of entering the TV industry in the future. It’s been a bit weird (to say the least) studying what is meant to be a practical course remotely. So when my Programme Leader asked me if I was around and wanted to do some voluntary tech work - I jumped at the chance.

So from Sunday I’ll be vision mixing and being a remote camera operator for St Werburgh’s live services that’ll be streamed live to their YouTube page. You can see my handiwork at 10:30 and 18:30 UTC each week (although probably only the 18:30 service this week) there and hopefully it’ll be good practice for future uni projects and post-uni projects.

Once I know what I’m doing (I currently don’t, I just pretend most of the time) I’ll probably write something longer about what goes on behind the scenes on this sort of production. I’ll leave a link to that here if I ever get round to writing that.

Update - 1ˢᵗ March

I survived my first live services. They’re now appearing on the main feed.

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